Top 5 High-Paying Tech Skills in 2024

A new generation of businesses is adopting skills-based hiring, which is becoming increasingly popular and effective. Even big tech companies like LinkedIn, Google, and IBM, which traditionally hired Ivy League graduates, hire based on skills and culture fit to diversify their talent pools. Skills shortages still cause a talent deficit, according to Yahoo Finance. What abilities are most in demand as firms move toward skills-based hiring and become more vocal about transferable skills and experience?

Top 5 Tech Skills in Demand listed its top 10 highest-paid tech skills, earning some of the highest incomes advertised on the platform. If you’re in tech or want to get into it, check out five of these talents to plan your next career move this year. Even if you’re not in technology, several of these skills may help you stand out as a professional or leader.

Generative AI

Yes, you guessed. Generational AI tops Indeed’s list of the highest-paying tech skills. Prompt engineering, ChatGPT, Midjourney, model optimization, AI content generation, and data analytics are connected. Indeed, data shows a 47% compensation boost for this expertise.


“System-on-chip” is “an integrated circuit that integrates most or all components of a computer or other electronic system,” according to the paper. Arm offers GitHub courses to teach this technical ability. A person with this skill can earn $175k per year.

Deep Learning

Deep learning underpins AI and machine learning. Its name comes from the network’s numerous layers, which learn complex patterns from smaller ones. Having this talent can boost your salary by 44%, and demand will continue as AI is applied and developed, so upskilling to add to your tool kit is worth considering.

Torch, PyTorch

Are you seeing a pattern? Another AI-related technical competence. Briefly, “Torch is an open-source machine learning library, a scientific computing framework, and a scripting language based on Lua,” adds Indeed. PyTorch, an ML framework from this library, is used for NLP (natural language processing), where computers understand and interpret human language. Learning Torch boosts earnings by 43%.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is another high-paying tech expertise. Computer vision is similar to AI, which enables computers to identify and understand objects and people in photos and movies. Microsoft believes computer vision automates human-like jobs like other AI. Computer vision lets an app perceive the physical world, collect useful data, and make judgments. One example of computer vision in an app is phone facial recognition. Stanford Online offers computer vision courses. This skill can boost your salary by 40%.

You should evolve with the employment market. Future-proof your profession with these five in-demand technological skills and stay informed to grow. Learn more, earn more. Delve into the future of tech with “Technology Trends Expected to Rise in 2024.” Uncover the transformative shifts, from quantum computing’s power to AI’s evolution. The metaverse, sustainable tech, edge computing, and 5G connectivity are poised to redefine industries. Stay informed on the imminent advancements shaping the tech landscape in this insightful article.

Source: Forbes

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